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Journey (1973)

1. Livin’ In A Land O’ Sunshine
2. Slim Pickin’s In The Kitchen Don’t Make It At All
3. Open Up, Summertime
4. Vagabond
5. The “Real” Woodstock Rag
6. Poems To Eat, Big City Traffic Jam, Joy To The World
7. King Lear’s Blues (Cordelia)
8. Short Visit

Excerpts from ‘Journey’ Medley of Excerpts

Album includes recordings with Dave Bargeron, Randy Brecker, Amos Garrett, Dave Holland, Howard Johnson, Billy Mundi, Dave Poe, Bill Rich, David Sanborn, and others.) This sample strings together a few excerpts from this album which was recorded, for the most part, in 3 days in NYC, Phil Ramone engineering.

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