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John Simon’s Album (1970)

1. The Song Of The Elves
2. Nobody Knows
3. Tannenbaum
4. Davey’s On The Road Again
5. Motocycle Man
6. Rain Song
7. Don’t Forget What I Told You
8. The Fool Dressed In Velvet
9. Annie Looks Down
10. Did You See?
11. Railroad Train Runnin’ Up My Back

Excerpts from ‘John Simon’s Album’ John Simon’s Album


Original 1970 Warner Bros. album Re-released in Japan. Album includes recordings with Delany Bramlett, Harvey Brooks, Rita Coolidge, Rick Danko, Richard Davis, Cyrus Faryar, John Hall, Paul Harris, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Leon Russell, Grady Tate and others) The sample just contains snatches of a few of the songs to jog your memory. You’ll hear members of The Band and John Hall and Harvey Brooks.

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