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Home (1995)

1. Door Jam
2. Maple Trees Maple Trees
3. Home
4. So Goes The Song
5. Little European Waltz
6. Slow Dancin’
7. Spoon Me Spoon Me
8. Can’t Get Enough Of You
9. Cumquats And Apricots
10. Trust Like A Child
11. My Name Is Jack


This is a more subdued album than any of the others. More laid-back. No loud jams. Some of the songs, like MAPLE TREES with its Beach-Boys treatment at the end, of MAPLE TREES, had been around for awhile patiently waiting in line for their chance to be recorded. But these are quite interesting songs, from LITTLE EUROPEAN WALTZ (which uses the very Chopin waltz of its title as a countermelody) to MY NAME IS JACK, a hit for Manfred Mann which the record company insisted be on the album. But it appears here with new, self-referencing lyrics.

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