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Harmony Farm (1995)

1. Everybody Thinks That I Left Town
2. Touch Your Heart
3. Nobody Knows Her Like I Know Her
4. Rural Rhythm
5. If At First (Just One Lucky Break)
6. Psalm 91
7. Uh-oh, Here Comes The Blues
8. The Good Samaritan
9. Biography
10. Little Acts Of Faith
11. Piano-playing Fool

Excerpts from ‘Harmony Farm’ Harmony


Album includes recordings with Harvey Brooks, Junior Brown, Cornelius Bumpus, Jon Burr, Jackie Cain & Roy Kral, Peter Ecklund, Dave Holland, Doug James, Paul Ramsey, Laura Seaton, and Terry Silverlight,. “Harmony Farm” was the 2nd release on Pioneer in Japan and was recorded live in John’s living room. It’s his favorite album. You can hear Cornelius again on this sample, along with one-of-a-kind guitarist Junior Brown.

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