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No Band (2006)

1. Piano-playing Fool
2. Two Ways of Lookin’ At The Same Thing
3.Open Wound
4.Why Do The Bad Guys Do What They Do
5.Motorcycle Man
6.Nobody Knows Her
7.Spoon Me
8.Old People With Spunk
10.Time Stands Still Medley of Excerpts

“In the Spring of 2005 I played a series of solo performances. I thought a lot about which songs to include in my set list. A few of them (“Motorcycle Man”, “Two Ways of Lookin’ At The Same Thing”…) I wrote quite a while ago. A few had never been released. So I decided to record them. The result is this new CD. I like it a lot. These recordings aren’t studio-slick. There’s no pitch-correcting machine for my voice. You can hear me stomp on the floor or mumble along with the piano solos. I added a little echo from time to time but basically it’s just me at home with some microphones and my old Mason and Hamlin piano. No band.”-J

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