February 2014 MMM


The first pair are from Rachel Faro and Gordon Lightfoot.

REFUGEES” is from Rachel’s first album on RCA recorded in NYC in 1974. In the studio for this successful recording were musicians from very different musical genres: Pop/Blues star Bonnie Raitt, jazz greats Jack deJohnette, Dave Holland and Howard Johnson. Colin Walcott from the New Age band, “Oregon” and legendary sax soloist, Michael Brecker. On top of all that is Rachel’s powerful voice singing a song whose lyrics have touched a lot of people.”

Lightfoot’s song, THE MOUNTAINS AND MARYANN, comes from his 1967 album, “Did She Mention My Name”. I have so many favorites on that album it was difficult to pick just one. Gordon is one of the truly talented and enduring singer/songwriters. His manager, Albert Grossman, put us together and the results were both beautiful and exciting. I remember writing these arrangements with a fever so high it was like an out-of-body experience and I was hardly conscious of what I was writing. But later, in the studio, when I heard them, they were so new it was if someone else had written them — and I was thankful to whoever that person was. It was a departure for Gordon to have such extensive orchestration on his album but, surprised as he was, he was happy. He and I met up again last summer and it was great to catch up. And, of course, his show was great,”

If I can answer any questions you may have about these recordings, ask me and I’ll try to answer.

Happy listening and look for next month’s pair of pearls!